R7 Meet Photos:  R7AU SMUG MUG SITE (click here)

R7AU subscribes to a Smug Mug site for safe and convenient access for parents and athletes in Region 7 to access their photos taken at local meets by designated photographers.

Using the appropriate password(s), the athlete (or parent of a minor athlete) can download photos containing their image for personal use.

Any questions can be directed to info.r7au@gmail.com.


Parent Education Webinar: 02.04.20

ACRO 102:  What to expect at a local meet

Moderators:  Kim Leach and Julie Martin

  • Photography Best Practices
  • What Does A Meet Look Like
  • The Rotation Schedule
  • What To Bring

Parent Education Webinar: 10.29.19

ACRO 101:  What to expect for the season

Moderators:  Kim Leach and Autumn Snyder

  • Acro season structure
  • Explanation of level system
  • Standards for leotards
  • USAG photo policies and guidelines
  • What is R7AU and why you should join?

Acro Competition Ready Hair

Demonstration by Sydney Martin and Sasha Gladkova