Kim Leach


  • Affiliation: EAGC

Kim Leach began her gymnastics team parent career at Skyview Gymnastics in August of 2014 when her twins Mackenzie and Rey joined the artistic and acro teams. The following season Kim served the Gymdancers (Skyview parents organization) board as the Secretary. In 2016 Rey and younger sister Kerri moved to LATA and Kim was a founding member of the parents organization and served as the Treasurer. Kim is a member of the Growth and Development Committee for the acro program with USAG. Rey and Kerri are currently athletes at EAGC where Kim is continuing her role as Meet Director.

Autumn Snyder

Vice President

  • Affiliation: International Elite

Autumn Snyder has three daughters that have been or are currently in elite groupings at International Elite, all of which have competed at various international competitions. Her daughter Allison has competed at Worlds in 2018, representing the United States. Autumn is a certified meet director and head parent, making her very involved in helping the head coach organize, plan, and execute competitions and fundraising.

Tamara Smith


  • Affiliation:  First State Gymnastics

Tamara Smith has been involved with gymnastics through her daughter Cailey for 14 years. Cailey did Artistic gymnastics for 8 years and moved to Acrobatic gymnastics six years ago, at First State Gymnastics in Delaware. She is so proud of all Cailey accomplished in her short time in the sport, making National Team and competing internationally all within her first year. Cailey is now a coach at First State working to build the acro team. Tamara was involved in First State Gymnastics Athletic Association serving as President from 2012-2014 and remained involved as level representative and acro representative while Cailey was an athlete. She has acted as the meet coordinator for the First State Gymnastics Invitational (an artistic meet) since 2013 and has run numerous Delaware State meets including the 2022 Delaware State Meet. Tamara now helps with administrative coordination for the First State Acro team. Tamara has loved getting involved in the Acro community and loves being a part of the Region 7 Acro board.

Lauren Shields


  • Affiliation: EAGC

Lauren Shields is passionate about supporting an organization that exists to help acrobatic gymnastic athletes reach their goals. She is a mother of three athletes, all boys, who have achieved international success in upper-level mens groups. They have brought home numerous National and International Gold Medals, including two Worlds Bronze medals. As an active parent in her local gym (EAGC) Lauren has served on the board of its parent organization, 2 years as vice president and 2 years as president. She is qualified to understand the interests and concerns of both parents and athletes, at all competition levels. She is excited to help expand our reach!

Grant Shields

Assistant Treasurer

Affiliation:  EAGC

Grant Shields serves as the assistant Treasurer on our board, this is a non-voting role. He provides bookkeeping and administrative support to the Treasurer. Grant competed as an acrobatic gymnast for several years in Region 7, most recently as part of an elite level, Men’s Group at EAGC.  He went on to participate in the track team at Atholton High School, and is now attending Salisbury University with a major in accounting.

Sydney Martin

Alumni Representative

  • Affiliations: Skyview, LATA, 1st Class, EAGC

Sydney was a competitive athlete for eleven years with Region 7, excelling from a level 5 to a Senior Elite trio by the end of her career. While she ended her journey at EAGC, she has been a member of several different clubs and partnerships that all contributed to her success. Most notably, she competed with her latest trio at the World Championships in Switzerland and Azerbaijan, as well as the World Games of 2022.  She looks forward to staying involved with the sport and supporting the athletes still participating.

Julie Martin


  • Affiliations: Skyview, LATA, First Class, EAGC

 As an alumni parent, I was involved with acrobatic gymnastics for eleven years. I served as a past board of director on multiple parent’s organizations in our region, and I helped support my daughter’s founding of R7AU, serving as its President for 3 years.  While I have always had a passion for performing arts and traveling, my direct affiliation and experience within acrobatic gymnastics is through my daughter, Sydney Martin.  Sydney competed as a base in both women’s pairs and groups, from level 5 through Senior during her time in acrobatics.  Having an athlete that has competed at all levels over many years, I have an extensive understanding of the sport and our community.  Sydney was selected and competed as a member in good-standing with the USAG SR and JR National Teams, and multiple World Teams.  Highlights to my experiences in acro were supporting Sydney’s training and attendance at the 2021 World Age Group Competition, the 2022 World Championships, and The 2022 World Games. In addition to my daughter’s participation in National and International acrobatic competitions, she has participated in Gymnastics For All performances in Chicago and Disney World, pre-team at Savage Dance, dance at Carroll County Dance Conservatory, and Jr. Co and Sr. Co Glenelg High School dance team. I own a business in Howard County and have served on the board of directors of several trade organizations. I am a USA Gymnastics professional member and certified meet director.

Karen Freed

Region 7 Committee Representative

  • Affiliation: EAGC

Karen has four daughters and a son, all of which have been involved with acro. Her eldest daughter, Madison, was in a Sr. Elite trio at EAGC for several years and is a national and international champion. Karen is an active member of the Region 7 Committee as well as EAGC’s parent organization. She is a certified meet director, and has been in charge of coordinating multiple local competitions.

Caylei Caldwell

Athlete Representative

  • Affiliations: Villa West, Show-Me, EAGC, Xtreme

Caylei started acro when she was eight years old, and has been competing in the sport for almost ten years. She moved from Missouri to Maryland to continue in the sport, and is currently in an elite trio at Xtreme Acro. She wants to bring gyms closer together and help grow the sport of acro through her position in R7AU.

Rey Leach

Athlete Representative

  • Affiliation: EAGC

Rey Leach is in their 9th year of acro, and is so excited to be your developmental athlete representative. She’s in a level 10 trio at EAGC, and has competed across most of the developmental levels in both pairs, and trios. Rey hopes to be able to help make R7AU a good resource for coaches and athletes to lean on for their acro needs. She’d like to thank the R7 board for this opportunity and a huge shoutout to Caylei, our elite athlete representative, for being an amazing co-worker!