We would request that this letter be shared with club owners, coaches, parents and athletes affiliated with acrobatic gymnastics in Region 7.  Specifically, we would encourage sharing this letter at any upcoming parent meetings for the 2021-2022 season.  We have tried to format this letter in such a way that it could be easily added as an agenda item and read at such a meeting.  Your support is very much appreciated and valued.


R7 Acro United is ready for the best season yet and preparations for the 2021-2022 initiatives on behalf of our organization are well underway.


R7AU is a 501c non-profit, parent’s organization.  We represent those involved in USAG member clubs with acrobatic programs in the New England and East Coast geographical region from Maine to South Carolina.  Our mission since our establishment in 2018 strongly remains to UNIFY and STRENGTHEN region 7 acrobatic teams by providing collective COMMUNICATION resources, EDUCATION opportunities, and FINANCIAL support.  More information about our organization and its current BOD can be found by visiting https://r7acrounited.com/.  We strongly recommend that you sign up under the recent news page to receive our news updates via email.  We also suggest liking us on Instagram and Facebook, if you use these social media accounts.


Since our conception in the Fall of 2018, with your support, R7AU has given more than $6000 back to our athletes.  In addition, we provide free and easily accessible website and social media communication, educational webinars, the R7AU marketplace, our SMUG MUG site and meet photography resources, alumni gatherings, and support for our regional judges clinics.  Additionally, R7AU advocates for our members and affecting changes in policy when warranted.  In 2019, R7AU initiated communication with USAG legal advisors regarding the protocols for medical and photography volunteers for meets, and we have seen our efforts reflected in recent changes to these specific policies, making them more effective for us to abide by and implement in the 2021-22 season.  R7AU supports acrobatic parent associations at the team level in our region, and we strive to provide resources for structuring and operating such parent’s associations.  R7AU strives to be a good partner outside of Region 7.  We collaborate with other regions, maintain relationships with the National Foundation for Acrobatics and the USAG Acrobatic Program leadership, and align our efforts with our own USAG Region 7 Committee.  As a result of these efforts, we can help to provide the inclusive and accurate updates about opportunities and important information relevant to our athletes, coaches, and parents.


For the fall of 2021, we are working to provide more communication with regards to R7AU membership and resources, SafeSport, USAG membership options, NCATA opportunities, and educational topics such as the updated Code of Points and efforts to include more diversity in our resources for our community.  Every athlete should know who their athlete representatives are and how to contact them.  Every parent should know about SafeSport, the NCATA, and basic USAG competitive structure for our sport and who to contact when they have questions or concerns about any of these topics.  This information can be found on the R7AU website, and will be further promoted throughout the season with the goal that every athlete and every parent, regardless of the athlete’s competitive level, age, or club affiliation, feels included and well-informed as a participant in our sport.


We appreciate your support, and hope each of you will take the first step of connecting with us by signing up for the news updates on our website and liking us on social media.  You can email us directly at info.r7au@gmail.com anytime with any feedback or questions.  There is so much more to come, and we are excited to see what we all accomplish together this season.