This year we had nine amazing groups from Region 7 that made the USA Worlds Team, including two alternate groups.  While our two alternate groups did not ultimately get to attend, seven groups from Region 7 traveled to Geneva, Switzerland to complete in the 2021 World Age Group and World Championships for Acrobatic Gymnastics.  

A huge congratulations to each of these dedicated athletes and their coaches for everything they overcame and accomplished in this past season.  These groups are amongst the best in the world. 

Each was a strong competitor with a unique journey leading up to this competition and with just as unique experiences during the competition.  The results below are not intended as a measurement, but, rather a celebration of their journey and accomplishments and all that they have achieved to get to the level of competition at such a premier event.

We are proud of each and everyone of you, and we thank you for inspiring each of us and representing us so well!



Our Senior Elite Trio of EAGC, including Grace, Kayla, and Elanor placed 10th in the World Championships.


Three Junior Elite (13-20) groups competed in the World Age Group Championships, all from EAGC.

The trio of Jessica, Riley, and Mariam qualified for Finals and placed 6th.

The trio of Sydney, Maria, and Isabel placed 12th.

Our men’s group, including Ethan, Sam, Cade, and Dorian, qualified for Finals and placed 4th.


We had one (12-19) trio compete in the World Age Group Championships, from International Elite Acro.

The trio of Grace, Sarah, Gianna qualified for Finals and placed 7th.


And our two (11-17) trios, both from Xtreme, competed in the World Age Group Championships.

The trio of Nicole, Sara, and Elise qualified for Finals and placed 4th. 

The trio of Aranel, Olivia, and Evelynn placed 18th.  


The two alternate groups were Xtreme’s 12-19 mixed pair of Shawn and Audrey, and EAGC’s 11-17 trio of Meghan, Cecilia and Cate.


To each of these athletes and coaches, we are so proud of your dedication and resiliency during the last season that enabled your participation in such a major competition.  WE WANT MORE ACRO!